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In Restaurant De Palmboom – situated on the exact same premises as the renowned 19th local grocery after which it was named - the philosophy of using local and organic ingredients. This means that we try to work with fresh daily goods and seasonal Dutch produce as much as possible. This local character allows us to ensure the highest quality of all our dishes, from starters right down to desserts.

Our Chefs, for instance, only work with certified MRIJ beef from Meuse-Rhine-Yssel cattle. These animals are bred in a secured bloodline, have room to move and are raised on a balanced diet. These conditions allow for a good life which is ultimately reflected in high quality and taste.

Our suppliers of poultry, pork and sustainable seafood are fully on board with our quality criteria. Their attention and our professional care come together in our restaurant, where they reveal an honest, well-balanced and extremely tasty meal.


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